Possible Connection to the Nebraska Ladmans


John (listed Johan), Barbara, and Joseph on the Berlin passenger manifest, 03 May 1879

A question that often comes up is whether or not our Ladmans are related to the Nebraska Ladmans who settled in Liberty, Fillmore County, Nebraska. The short answer is that I don’t know, but it’s possible. They are not descendants of Anton, so if our family trees overlap it is pre-immigration.

The Nebraska Ladmans immigrated from Bezděkov, which is not too far from our ancestors’ village Žežice. The first to come over from this family were John Ladman, his wife Barbara nee Slezák, and their first born son Joseph Ladman.

They came nearly 25 years later than Anton, departing from the port at Hamburg aboard the Berlin on May 3, 1879. Some members of the family now spell their name Lodman with an “o.”

I have managed to track this family a few generations back into the Czech Republic, so I am posting the information here for the benefit of those who seek it. I have provided full citations and links to the original records, so I also post this information in the hope that a member of this lineage will take up the challenge to continue the research.

My recommendation would be to contact a professional Czech genealogist to track down the records for you. The cost would probably be $100 – $200 to trace the line back from where I have found it to when records begin in the 1600s. E-mail Brian at admin@antonladman.com and I will give you contact information for the genealogist I recommend.

Genealogy of John Ladman

NOTE: Beware of possible differences between handed down dates and what I have listed here. Dates simply were not as important to Bohemian immigrants of this era as they are to us now and were often misremembered, made up, and passed down incorrectly. The dates I have here are based on Czech Catholic parish records which are more likely to be accurate.

Generation 4

Jiří(?) Ladman1 is the father of Martin Ladman (c1774 – ?).

Generation 3

Martin Ladman was born c1774 in Zahorčičky, Southern Bohemia, Bohemia. He married Anna Dušková of Bezděkov on 15 Nov 18011 in Zahorčičky, Southern Bohemia, Bohemia. Martin and Anna are the parents of Jan Ladman (1811 – ?).

Generation 2

Jan Ladman was born on 11 Apr 18111 in Zahorčičky, Southern Bohemia, Bohemia. He married Anna Braunová, daughter of Josef Braun and Barbara Kra(?). Jan and Anna are the parents of John Ladman (1851 – 1934).

Generation 1

John Ladman was born as Jan Ladman on 27 Apr 18511 in Zahorčičky, Southern Bohemia, Bohemia and died on 15 Jul 19342 in Moore, Fergus County, Montana. He married Barbara Slezák, daughter of Josef Slezák and Anna Smékalová on 25 Jun 18783 in Bezděkov, Southern Bohemia, Bohemia. They had the following children:

  1. (M) Joseph Ladman 12 Feb 18794 – 28 Oct 1948 (born in Bezděkov)
  2. (M) Emil Ladman c1882 – ? (first born in America)
  3. (M) James Ladman Aug 1885 – 1967
  4. (F) Mary Ladman c1888 – ?
  5. (F) Anna Ladman c1991 – ?